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We support the following organisations. A commitment to socially responsible conduct, the consciousness of being an organic part of society, and the idea of corporate citizenship. Recent years have seen a surge in the relevance of this paradigm shift for SMEs and large corporations. Employees and the public at large no longer see companies merely as a legal entity, but as "citizens." Accordingly, they increasingly expect companies to make an active contribution to the successful functioning of the surrounding social structure and environment. This notion builds on the realization that companies require a healthy society to be commercially successful. By the same token, society needs healthy companies for economic reasons. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the umbrella term used to describe this new consciousness. Panorama Media Corp. began honouring these responsibilities in its business over the past years and continues to shoulder social and environmental responsibility as an element of our corporate culture. Examples:
  • We produce the Friend in Harness magazine for the Guide Dog Association free of charge as part of our commitment to the important work of mobility, freedom and independence for visually-impaired people.
  • We have implemented a policy of printing our magazines on environmental friendly paper and produced high-end magazines as early as 1995 on partly recycled paper printed and finished with the environment in mind.
  • We have an internal policy of reducing paper consumption and using recycled paper for all administrative use. Hence our printers and photocopiers are stocked with recycled paper, despite the higher cost of the paper.
  • Through our involvement with the National Horse Trust, the Highveld Horse Care Unit and the South African National Equestrian Federation, we support a number of horse-related charities.

Associations we Support

The South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind
Tel: 011 705 3512
Tel: 011 907 3590/1/2/3 Fax: 011 907 4013
Animal Anti-Cruelty League
Tel: 011 435 0672 Fax: 011 435 0693
South African Veterinary Association
Tel: 012 346 1150 Fax: 012 346 2929
  People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Tel: 011 726 6100 Fax: 011 726 8513
  Animals in Distress
Tel: 011 466 0261 Fax: 011 466 0262
  Domestic Animal Rescue Group
Tel: 021 790 0383 / 021 790 2050
Tel/ Fax: 013 932 3941/2
  Cart Horse Protection Association
Tel: 021 535 3435
  The National Horse Trust
The Highveld Horse Care Unit