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Dog Directory

Your complete guide to dog ownership

The Dog Directory is for anyone who wants to know more about their pets and responsible pet ownership. This annual publication is the complete guide to responsible dog ownership. Southern Africa’s Dog Directory is published by Animaltalk as an invaluable source of information on ownership of pedigreed dogs. It features over 100 breeds in full colour, articles on choosing a puppy, socialising, health topics and nutrition, training and breeding.

Dog Directory is, for many, the first step to an introduction into owning a dog. It also serves as a reference manual with contact details for registered dog breeders, dog clubs and associations, boarding kennels, grooming parlours, veterinarians, rescue schemes and product information. The Dog Directory is a comprehensive publication to be referred to over and over again.

Reader profile

  • First time dog owners, Breeders, dog lovers and owners
  • People that are specifically looking to buy the correct and right for lifestyle pedigreed dog.
  • Fall into the LSM 8 to 10 brackets
  • Dog enthusiasts, breeders and professional dog owners
  • Average age group of 27 to 49

Unique selling points

  • Established magazine that has been published annually for more than 17 years
  • 1.5 million  readers per year
  • The complete guide to responsible dog ownership
  • Over a 140 breeds shown in full colour
  • The only dog annual in South Africa
  • High reader interaction levels
  • Loyal reader base
  • Readers retain issues as a reference guide
  • Widely used by Veterinary clinics as reference guide for contacts to reputable breeders


  • Thoroughly researched and expert advice from leading specialists on dog care and training in South Africa and abroad
  • Comprehensive dog breed finder over 100 breeds in full colour
  • Special focus on behaviour and training methods
  • Wild canines of the world
  • Breeder advice

Magazine details

Launch date: 1996
Pagination: 264 page s plus  cover
Print run: 12,000
Frequency: Annual
Format/Binding: 275 x 215mm, square bound
Audited Circulation: 9, 838 (ABC Jan – Dec – 2013)

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