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HQ Pony

The next best thing to riding!

Pony, South Africa’s favourite – and only – magazine for the young horse enthusiast is a monthly title aimed at tweens and teens (eight to 18) with a lifestyle and passion for horses and who want to improve their horsey skills. Published and brought to you by  South Africa’s premier equestrian magazine HQ (Horse Quarterly) It contains articles dedicated to riding, looking after horses, health and nutrition and addresses bonding between horses and their young owners. Pony provides useful information and step-by-step guidelines on the care and feeding, training and behaviour of horses as well as personal interaction and advice on products. Each issue is filled with fun features on riding, horse-handling, health and care, educational and pull-out posters, international stories, and horsey arts and crafts, as well as regular sections on the latest equine events and gossip, reviews, products, giveaways and an advertising section for tween-, teen- and equine-related products, events and services.

Reader profile

  • Core readers are young horse enthusiasts of a range of ages, right through from young child to adult, with the average being both genders between eight and 18, and the majority being girls between 11 and 17.
  • Reader base consists of the children of parents with LSM 8, 9 and 10 who have large expendable incomes, as well as those living on plots and farms in rural areas.
  • Horse-crazy youngsters of ‘Born Free’ generations, interested in a variety of animal-related issues.

Unique selling points

  • Reputation as South Africa’s favourite – and only – young rider’s magazine.
  • Regarded as being very informative, interesting and helpful, by kids and adults alike.
  • Readership of youngsters and their parents, who are willing to spend large amounts on their animals and their welfare.
  • Growing advertising section availability for equine breeders, products and services.


  • News and insight about topical and educational equestrian subjects.
  • Unbiased equestrian health, nutrition, handling, riding and care articles based on latest research and written by knowledgeable equine specialists.
  • The quest for the bond between horse and rider.
  • Equine news across all disciplines, products, events.
  • Excellent photography and bright, attractive, age-appropriate layout.

Magazine details

Launch date: 2009
Pagination: 48 plus covers
Print run:  6,900
Frequency: monthly
Format/Binding: 275 x 210 mm, saddle stitch
Audited Circulation:   3,791 (July to Sept 2014)

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