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There’s been an explosion of interest in homoeopathy, among veterinary practitioners as well as human health practitioners. And when an animal is the patient, the efficacy of homoeopathy becomes very evident!

The remarkable effectiveness of this modality, and demand from humans who want their animals to be treated in this way, has lead to increased use by veterinarians of homoeopathic interventions.

But till now, veterinarians have only had human texts, many of them very old and out of date, to work with. Now South African expert Dr Alex Niven has developed a Materia Medica – the foundation of all homoeopathic treatment – specifically for vets.

Veterinary Homoeopathy: A Materia Medica and Repertory, including Nosodes, by Dr Alex Niven BVMS (publsihed by Panorama Books), is a must-have for all veterinary GPs with an interest in homoeopathy, veterinary homoeopaths, trainers, breeders and those involved with working animals.

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