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Licensing Info: Animaltalk

Animaltalk is for anyone who wants know more about their pets and responsible pet ownership. This monthly publication features articles dedicated to pet health, training, behaviour and nutrition, and to the relationship between pets and their owners.

It provides useful information on the care and feeding of companion animals, as well as advice on products that can make the lives of our best friends more enjoyable.

Animaltalk also contains a special learning section for children, accompanied by posters for the younger readers.

Reader profile

  • Breeders, pet lovers and owners
  • Mostly suburban working mothers that have an average of 2 kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats and have a genuine interest in animal welfare
  •  Fall into the LSM 8, 9 and 10 brackets
  • Youngsters who have an interest in learning about their companion pets and want to know more about animals
  • Nature enthusiasts
  • Average age group of 27 to 45

Unique selling points

  • Established magazine that has been published monthly for more than a decade.
  • 256,000 readers
  • The only pet magazine with a dog show
  • High reader interaction levels
  • Loyal reader base
  • Readers retain issues as a reference guide


  • Thoroughly researched and expert advice from leading experts in pet care in South Africa and abroad
  • Comprehensive dog breed profiles
  • Special focus on behaviourial training methods
  • Interactive pages filled with fun and games as well as a very educational focus for young readers
  • Free posters
  • Regular competitions and reader giveaways

Magazine details

Launch date: 1994
Pagination: 96 pages plus cover
Print run: 18’900
Frequency: monthly
Format/Binding: 270 x 210mm, saddle stitched
Audited Circulation: 12457 (ABC Q4 – 2011)

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